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TLBAA Certified


AI Semen

Build your herd without the associated costs of purchasing a bull, feed, Vet expenses.


If you have a bull and don’t want to purchase another bull to breed with your bull’s offspring – AI is the way to go.


We have two AI Certified Bulls – diversify your herd.  


Pick your future Herd Sire from two of the greatest AI Certified Miniature Texas Longhorn Bulls.


We have the first AI Certified TLBAA  Miniature Texas Longhorn Bull in the United States.



IPR - L'il Abner

Winner of the 2011, 2012, & 2013 Horn Showcase with the LONGEST HORNS 




$100 A STRAW UNSEXED Minimum 2 straws

Transport fees paid by buyer.


                          Contact us at

or call 972-978-6677 

SS Micro Chief Romeo

We call Chief our Heifer making machine. He produces great Miniature offspring.



$100 A STRAW UNSEXED Minimum 2 straws

Transport fees paid by buyer.



Semen from either Abner or Chief will produce great offspring for your herd.

Why own a bull when you have 2 of the best to AI?


Have Regular sized Longhorns and thinking of raising Miniature Texas Longhorns?

AI is a great way to get started with no need to purchase a Miniature Bull.


Call us OR email us to talk about how AI can work for you.

TLBAA Miniature
Longhorn Breeders


Home of the First Born Registered Miniature Longhorn Calf. Sire and Dam were both Registered Miniature Texas Longhorns by TLBAA. The calf - Summer Daze - was automatically registered as a Miniature by TLBAA.

We have sold one of our colorful steers to the Dallas Zoo for the Children's Zoo area. He was bottle fed for them and halter trained. They walk them around the zoo if its not crowded!

We sold 2 steers to Toyota Motor North America for their Corporate Retreat Center. They are aptly named Tundra and Tacoma. They are living in the lap of luxury and being spoiled by the ranch management staff. 

We sold steers to Briggs Ranch Golf Course in San Antonio which is Best in State Golf Course and one of the top in the world. They live on one of the tees so the golfers can hand feed them from a bucket of cubes. They are the hit of the course! 

We sold 2 steers to a Ranch in Texas that is for Veterans with PTSD. The animals have a calming effect on those that suffer from PTSD.  

We were delighted that these facilities contacted us, visited our ranch and really liked our small miniature longhorns.  And now they are being pampered and spoiled. 

Cowboy rules


  • Pull your pants up. You look like an idiot.

  • Turn your cap right, your head ain't crooked.

  • Let's get this straight:  It's called a 'gravel road'.  I drive a pickup truck because I want to.  No matter how slow you drive, you're gonna get dust on your Lexus.  Drive it or get out of the way.

  • They are cattle.  That's why they smell like cattle.  They smell like money to us.  Get over it.  Don't like it?  I-10, I-40, I-70 and I-80 go east and west, I-17, I-15, I-25 and

  • I-35 go north and south.

  • Pick one and go.

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