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We are expecting many new Calves in 2021.

So please call us as calves for sale can change very quickly.

We added many new Miniature breeders to our TLBAA family. We really enjoy working with the new breeders and others we have sold in the past who buy to compliment their existing herd.  


The demand for Miniature Texas Longhorns is high and supply is limited. Please click on the Contact Page and Email us which of the sale mini longhorns catch your eye. Make sure you email us your name, address , and phone number.

OR you can call Dave at 972-978-6677

We look forward to working with current and new breeders.


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Sale Pen Heifers


Out of a big horned cow (70") 

SS Mini Whiskey Lullaby Calved 12/28/2019

Dam SL Win the Confetti Sire SS L'il Shot of Whiskey


Out of one of our smallest cows 
SS Mini Simple 6 Shooter Calved 2/3/2021
Available in July/Aug
Dam SS Mini Kimber Sire BL Simple Man


Out of a very small cow
SS Mini Simply a Fool Calved 4/1/2021
Available in September
Dam SS Mini Classic Tracer Sire BL Simple Man


Sale Pen Mini Longhorn Cows

She is a calm cow. She has been halter trained and has been in shows. She would make a great addition to your herd.   This is a picture of Mini Mouse with her April 2020 calf
SS Mini Mouse Calved 3/1/2018
Dam Tonkawa Legacy Effiecena   Sire SS Micro Chief Romeo

Mini Mouse with bull calf 2020
Mini Mouse with bull calf 2020


Very angelic - sweet cow   
SS Mini Gin Rummy calved 6/18/2018
Dam SS Mini Rummy Sire Chosen One


She is one of our smallest cows and our first calf out of SS L'il Shot of Whiskey
Here she is pictured with her bull calf born in 2021. She is solid brown, very small and her first calf is very colorful. With longhorns you never know what you are going to get.  Colorful cows have solid calves and visa versa. Brandy's Dam is black with white and she is brown.  Go thru slide show to see other pictures.    

SS Mini Shot of Brandy Calved 3/27/2019.  
Dam SS Mini Kimber Sire SS L'il Shot of Whiskey

SS Mini Shot of Brandy Miniature Texas Longhorn in Celina Texas


She produces small mini longhorns (her latest heifer in the picture) She has a very sweet and calm disposition
SS Blanco Blossum Calved 3/9/17
Dam Classical Respect Blossum  Sire Front 30 Strategic


Want small - this one is it. Very calm - Bottle Fed & halter trained. Award Winning Cow 

SS Mini Kimber Calved 6/11/2016

Dam Miss Mini Princess Jodi  Sire Bogle Farms Micro Ebony

Award Winning Miniature Longhorn
Award Winning Miniature Longhorn

Award Winning Miniature Longhorn
Award Winning Miniature Longhorn


She is small framed and went over the miniature height by an inch. Her first calf is very small so this would be a great starter cow to breed down. 

SS Mini Sweet Caroline Calved 5/28/2018

Dam SS Mini Domino Sire   Sire CW Choosen One

Sweet Caroline
Sweet Caroline

Sweet Caroline
Sweet Caroline


Showy spotted Cow. First calf was at 25 months of age. 
Here she is pictured with her 2021 calf. 

SS Mini Jolene Calved 3/06/18
Dam SL Win the Confetty Sire SS Micro Chief Romeo


Sale Pen Mini Longhorn Bulls / Steers

This is a special bull. He is not yet named so you can name him. His Sire is SS L'il Shot of Whiskey and Dam is Emilie Sue full Butler.  He is going to be a beauty. Be sure to view the next picture on slide gallery of picture with his Dam. 
Calved 12/08/2020


 We usually have bulls and steers for sale but the inventory changes quickly.  If you just want pets and do not want to breed, then Steers are ideal due to their calm disposition and easy going attitude.  Steers are also sold for beef because they usually top out at 300 to 350 lbs of processed beef so you don't need to buy a 1200 lb angus and split with 3 other families. Steers are also ideal for Ropers as they stay small for a longer period of time than standard bulls so you can work with them longer.

A Mini Bull is 50% of your Herd so buy wisely. We recommend bulls that will mature out at 45" or less. 48" and less is the mini standard, but 48" bulls usually produce taller offspring.  Remember if you buy a 2 or 3 year old bull that is 47-48" he still has growing to do and will probably exceed the mini standard when mature.  No one can guarantee how tall an animal will be as they mature. If you do not want to own a bull consider AI Certified Miniature Longhorn Semen. 

What ever your need, we have it covered. 



for TLBAA Certified Al semen  

from Miniature Texas Longhorn Bulls

All Cattle listed and sold from this website are private treaty sales and are between the buyer and seller. The websites and are not responsible for any sales and purchase agreements between buyer and seller. The websites and do not guarantee any animals listed.



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  • Turn your cap right, your head ain't crooked.

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  • Pick one and go.


Home of the First Born Registered Miniature Longhorn Calf. Sire and Dam were both Registered Miniature Texas Longhorns by TLBAA. The calf - Summer Daze - was automatically registered as a Miniature by TLBAA.

We sold one of our colorful steers to the Dallas Zoo for the Children's Zoo area. He was bottle fed for them and halter trained. Right now he is living the good life being spoiled at the Zoo. 

And, recently we sold 2 steers

to Toyota Motor North America for their Corporate Retreat Center. They are aptly named Tundra and Tacoma. They too

are living in the lap of luxury

and being spoiled by the ranch management staff.  

We were delighted that both facilities contacted us, visited our ranch and really liked our small miniature longhorns. 


This one is very small. Her Dam is Brown, light brown and white, Sire is multi colored with roan face.  She would be a great addition to any mini program. 

SS Mini Mini Cinnamon Whiskey Calved 4/11/2020

Dam SS Mini Chili Pepper  Sire SS L'il Shot of Whiskey

Since we keep the cows until calves are weaned they are usually bred. So prices reflect sale of a bred cow. Cows are all pregnancy tested prior to pick up