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We added many new Miniature breeders to our TLBAA family. We really enjoy working with the new breeders and others we have sold in the past who buy to compliment their existing herd.  


The demand for Miniature Texas Longhorns is high and supply is limited. Please click on the Contact Page and Email us which of the sale mini longhorns catch your eye. Make sure you email us your name, address , and phone number.

OR you can call Dave at 972-978-6677

We look forward to working with current and new breeders.


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Sale Pen Heifers


Very angelic - sweet heifer   

SS Mini Gin Rummy calved 6/18/2018

Dam SS Mini Rummy Sire Chosen One

Solid Black much sought after color Sire & Dam not solid Black - go figure. Small Stature

SS Mini Black Magic Woman Calved 7/8/2018

Dam TFP Mito Sire SS Micro Bullett


Sweet & flashy & loves the shows. Award Winner &  Halter Trained

SS Mini  Chili Spitzer Calved 1/20/2019

Dam SS Chili Pepper Sire SS Micro Bullett


1st Whiskey calf & out of one or our smallest cows

SS Mini Shot of Brandy Calved 3/27/2019

Dam SS Mini Kimber Sire SS L'il Shot of Whiskey


Sale Pen Mini Longhorn Cows

Award Winning Cow with great horns & halter trained

SS Mini Final Jackie Calved 7/11/2016

Dam Miss Scarlet  Sire Bogle Farms Micro Ebony


Want small - this one is it. Very calm - Bottle Fed & halter trained. Award Winning Cow 

SS Mini Kimber Calved 6/11/2016

Dam Miss Mini Princess Jodi  Sire Bogle Farms Micro Ebony

Want Butler in your Herd - This cow's Dam is Straight Butler. 

Award Winner

SS Mini Rising Sun Calved 3/18/2014

Dam Plum Sugar 9/12  Sire SS Micro Chief Romeo



Longhorn Breeders

Cowboy rules


  • Pull your pants up. You look like an idiot.

  • Turn your cap right, your head ain't crooked.

  • Let's get this straight:  It's called a 'gravel road'.  I drive a pickup truck because I want to.  No matter how slow you drive, you're gonna get dust on your Lexus.  Drive it or get out of the way.

  • They are cattle.  That's why they smell like cattle.  They smell like money to us.  Get over it.  Don't like it?  I-10, I-40, I-70 and I-80 go east and west, I-17, I-15, I-25 and

  • I-35 go north and south.

  • Pick one and go.


Home of the First Born Registered Miniature Longhorn Calf. Sire and Dam were both Registered Miniature Texas Longhorns by TLBAA. The calf - Summer Daze - was automatically registered as a Miniature by TLBAA.

We sold one of our colorful steers to the Dallas Zoo for the Children's Zoo area. He was bottle fed for them and halter trained. Right now he is living the good life being spoiled at the Zoo. 

And, recently we sold 2 steers

to Toyota Motor North America for their Corporate Retreat Center. They are aptly named Tundra and Tacoma. They too

are living in the lap of luxury

and being spoiled by the ranch management staff.  

We were delighted that both facilities contacted us, visited our ranch and really liked our small miniature longhorns. 


Add Horn to your Herd. She is 44.5" tall and puts horn on those Minis 

Award Winning Cow for Tip to Tip and Grand Champion 

Tonkawa Legacy Effiecena Calved 5/9/2010

Dam Wittrock's Emp Legacy  Sire Mijha Chex



Award Winning Cow is up for sale Can walk up to her & halter in the pasture and does great in the ring. Her Dam Kassie is full Butler. A great addition to your herd or starter herd. 

SS Mini Princess Patti Calved 3/17/14

Dam Laer Dixie Kassandra  Sire SS Micro Chief Romeo


She produces small mini longhorns - very sweet and calm disposition

SS Blanco Blossum Calved 3/9/17

Dam Classical Respect Blossum  Sire Front 30 Strategic



She is not a mini but could be used as breeding stock with mini bull.

-Has super horn & genetics out of the great bull - Sniper

MS Black Moon SH Calved 8/22/2016

Dam HR Uppity Ana  Sire Sniper


Sale Pen Mini Longhorn Bulls / Steers


He would make a great Herd Sire or Steer.  Very Flashy. Just weaned. 

SS Mini Cardinal bull calf Calved 11/15/2019

Dam SS Mini Cardinal Sire 2M Hard Tack 



Great Herd Sire or Steer. His half brother is an award winning show steer - Mighty Mouse. 

Tonkawa Legacy Effiecena  (Mouse) Bull Calf  

Calved 12/7/2019

Dam Tonkawa Legacy Effiecena  Sire SS L'il Shot of Whiskey



Award Winning Steer. Calm and halter trained. Exceptionally small

SS Micro Rimfire Calved 6/29/2018

Dam SS Mini Princess Patti  Sire SS Micro Bullett




for TLBAA Certified Al semen  

from Miniature Texas Longhorn Bulls

All Cattle listed and sold from this website are private treaty sales and are between the buyer and seller. The websites and are not responsible for any sales and purchase agreements between buyer and seller. The websites and do not guarantee any animals listed.

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